7 Irresistible Pulls To Attract Your Ideal Clients

OR . . . how to use LinkedIn to get you and your business and brand found by your target market!

I love the fact that with LinkedIn you have at your disposal a huge database of potential ideal clients at your fingertips  . . . for free! The question is…how do you maximise this fabulous business tool?

I created a slideshare that oulines the 7 ‘pulls’ you can utilise today to attract your ideal clients on LinkedIn.

1.    Know Your Audience: You can’t serve everyone. You have to know who you want to reach in order to find them and help them find you! So the more you know about your ideal client the easier it is to reach and attract them, engage in conversations, build trust and credibility.

2.    Get Found and Grab Attention: Use keyword rich titles that help you to get found by your ideal clients in LinkedIn Searches. Use your photo and headline to ‘Grab Attention’ to get your ideal client to click through to your profile.  The Headline is your 120 character ‘elevator pitch’ on LinkedIn and it needs to give your ideal client a compelling reason to click through to your profile.

3.    Engage Your Audience: Once on your profile engage your audience. Own your brand – make your profile compelling, attractive and interactive. Use LinkedIn’s Rich media tool to add different types of media, such as video and presentations, to your Summary, Experience and Education fields.

4.    Be In the Same Groups:  Join and participate in the same groups as your ideal clients. Groups are great for meeting new people, establishing connections, getting leads and positioning yourself as an expert in your field. To find the right (relevant) groups to join in terms of your ideal clients use the LinkedIn Search to find groups containing your keywords. OR find people which those keywords in their profiles and see what groups they have joined.

5.    Connect With Your Ideal Clients: Build your connections – the more connections the better your chances of appearing in searches for your keywords. Always send a personalised message when requesting to connect. Use LinkedIn’s Common Interests feature to see what you have in common with the person you want to connect with, whether that’s groups, interests, location etc. to help you reach out and start a conversation.

6.    Search For Your Ideal Clients: Use LinkedIn Search to discover new people and companies to connect with and build relationships. Save your searches (up to 3) and get alerts when something new pops up. Why not have a play with LinkedIn Signal (http://www.linkedin.com/signal) and keep up with your connections’ updates in real time. Get a feel for when they are active on LinkedIn, which gives you a window to approach them.

7.    Create content your ideal clients will love: Become a thought leader on the issues that matter to your ideal client and update your profile on a regular basis by sharing information, resources, news, questions and comments. Create real value by knowing your target audience; speaking to their issues; frame your comments with a passive voice that invites dialog such as “If you . .” or “you may enjoy . . “

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