Online marketing and all the fabulous communication tools we have at our disposal makes it so much easier for us to build relationships with those people we are meant to serve – our ideal clients – aka our tribe.

Seth Godin first introduced the world to ‘Permission Marketing’ (or Inbound Marketing) and his words struck a chord with me . . .  “turning strangers into friends into customers!”

To me marketing is about turning our as yet unknown prospects (aka strangers) into known prospects (aka friends) in to customers and ultimately of course into life-long customers.

I call this the ‘Customer Journey.’ That is the journey your ideal client takes from finding you online, to getting to know, like, and trust you, to ultimately you getting their ‘buy-in’ to your products and services. And that’s why I created ‘Build Your Perfect Tribe’ to support business owners to understand who it is they serve and to build their business relationships in order to get ‘buy-in’.

Where I Was Before . . .

I cut my marketing teeth working in IT and Telecoms marketing for over 12 years where I was responsible for generating leads for the sales teams, which I did using a range of traditional marketing activities.  There was a constant focus on new business – getting prospects in through the front door but there was little focus on customer retention and relationship building so often prospects and customers were leaving by the back door. Realising there was little opportunity to develop in the corporate world I took myself off, did a whole bunch of online marketing courses and found my first client whilst still employed.

Since then I have been working with business owners to develop their WordPress websites, build their list and develop their online customer journey.

Although lead generation and sales are important, the focus is now on the step beyond – creating ‘buy-in.’ Building a tribe is about building a community, a group of people who love buying from you and will do so more than once.  Sales are the result but the focus is on building a tribe.

Because of my corporate background and lead generation experience I find LinkedIn is a great platform for building your tribe – finding and connecting with our ideal clients and building the relationship with them.

Online Marketing To Build Your Perfect Tribe

My experience shows that some business owners follow 3 steps when approaching online marketing – and in fact often miss the first one. How many times have you heard business owners say they sell to anyone and everyone!

1.    Decide who they want to sell to . . .
2.    Build a list
3.    Sell them something

I have 5 steps to online marketing.  .  .

Build Your ‘TRIBE’ uses a 5 step process to connect, grow and build your tribe using your website as the pool into which your leads flow. Moving your ideal client from unknown prospect to known prospect to client

1. Tap Into Your Tribe: In this step we delve deep into who it is you serve; who needs you most and where are they? Keywords are important here as are the traffic generation techniques that will work best for your audience AND for you

2. Register Your Tribe: this step is all about how you connect with your ideal clients; your ethical bribe and your website engagement; and then the follow up process once your unknown prospect joins your mailing list.

3. Invest In Your Tribe: This is about nurturing your ideal clients. You work hard to build your list but any list will go cold if it’s not looked after. A client of mine discovered that 70% of her business and speaking opportunities came from her list because she took the time to invest in consistently nurturing her list. We look at lead nurturing and carrying on the conversation with your ideal client list, using ezines and social media tools like your blog, Facebook, Twitter to add value and to engage your prospects.

4. ‘Buy- In’ From Your Tribe: you want to make money doing what you love so this stage looks at the offers, products and services you have that your ideal clients want to buy, can recommend or refer.

5. Evolve Your Tribe: what can you do here to stand out be memorable with your clients. Again it’s about carrying on conversations and not forgetting people who have bought from you as they are more likely to refer and recommend you going forward.

We all need leads and sales for our business but focus on building your tribe and not just an endless round of new clients in through the front door then leaving by the back door. Start today translating your online marketing efforts into tribe members. Because building a tribe is about building a group of people who love buying from you and will do so more than once.