What’s Your Favourite LinkedIn Tip?

I’m doing a 10 minute presentation tomorrow at a local ladies networking group. There’s not a lot I can do or teach in 10 minutes so I thought I would talk about my top 3 tips for maximising LinkedIn.

There is so much you can do on LinkedIn made deciding on which 3 to choose really tricky. In the end I thought I would focus a couple around your LinkedIn profile and then one around connecting – my favourite bug bear!

Tip No 1: YoDaumen hochur LinkedIn profile is not the place to put your CV

I probably bore people by telling them that LinkedIn is NOT about you – it’s about your ideal clients. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity like no other platform to go and find your ideal clients and get in front of them so why not take the opportunity of having a client focused profile that gets you found by your ideal clients and engages them.

Tip No 2: Have an ATTENTION GRABBING Headline!

With 15 million profiles just in the UK there are lots of us doing similar things so how can you stand out? For example I did a quick search for ‘Business coaches’ on LinkedIn and there were over 85,000 results just in the UK.

Your headline has a very important job to do – in fact two jobs.  I call it your ‘elevator pitch’ for LinkedIn. Firstly you want to make sure that you come top of the list when your ideal clients are searching for you – hence why you need a nice client focused, keyword rich headline that gets you found. Then secondly once your profile comes up on LinkedIn searches the Headline’s second job is to ensure your potential prospect click’s through to have a look at your profile . . . where of course you will have a call to action! (There’s another tip!)

Tip No 3: Personalise your connection requests

Yes this is one of my biggest bug bears. LinkedIn has been described as the de facto tool for business networking. So I always say that if you wouldn’t do it face to face networking don’t do it on LinkedIn. Would you at a networking event go over to someone and hand them your business card and walk away? No. Can you image how you would feel if someone did that?  Yet 99% of the connection requests I get use the standard default LinkedIn connection message and it’s such a missed opportunity.

Always personalise your connection requests. You only have 300 characters so you can’t write war and peace but find a rapport opportunity such as same groups, interests, location, education or shared connections, or something in that person’s profile that you can mention.

This is the first step in building relationships on LinkedIn so don’t waste it – help yourself to stand out.

So I hope that my networking group tomorrow will find these tips helpful. What do you think? Do you have any others that you like and use?

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