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LinkedIn Content Survey

LinkedIn is the number one choice for professionally relevant content – so says a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn. And to encourage members to share your content, the survey identified types of content that are more popular than others aka they fuel engagement in terms of liking, commenting and sharing.

One of the things I recommend you do on a regular basis is ‘engage’ on LinkedIn. By this I mean liking and commenting on other people’s content as well as starting your own LinkedIn discussions – whether that’s your own content or you curate other people’s.

The benefits include increasing your visibility (profile views increase up to 4 times by being active, and we want profile views if we are going to generate leads on LinkedIn!); building relationships; demonstrating your expertise and sparking conversations.

So what content should you be sharing? According to LinkedIn, users are looking to enhance their knowledge by keeping up to date with industry news and discovering new ideas.
LinkedIn Content Survey

Curating other content sources:
I always recommend creating a content strategy that not only includes your own content but also other people’s. This is especially important when sharing industry news. Look out for new research in your area, breaking industry news and case studies (your own or examples of what other people are doing in your field). The key is to ‘curate’ that content. So you don’t just post a link but you start a conversation by adding your viewpoint and asking for other people’s thoughts.

My LinkedIn Survey:

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