Tailored Training To Suit You

Whether your a solopreneur, small business or a start up I tailor my training to suit you and what you need to market and generate leads for your business on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Training:  Getting Started Using LinkedIn For Your Business

This is a tailored, half day training session designed to answer the question “Where do I start on LinkedIn?” or “How the heck do I use LinkedIn!!?

It’s ideal for business owners who are just starting out on LinkedIn and want to get to grips with how to use it for their business. You may not yet be on LinkedIn but you’ve heard about LinkedIn and are wondering whether you should be using it OR you’ve already got a LinkedIn account and have started to complete your profile but don’t know what information to add and what to do next. [more . . .]


LinkedIn Training:  Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn

This is a half day training session introducing the power of LinkedIn for business to business (B2B) marketing and how to use it in order to generate leads.  This LinkedIn training answers the questions “What Next?

It’s ideal for busienss owners who have been using LinkedIn a while, have got their LinkedIn profile fully completed and optimised and want to know how else they can use LinkedIn to market their business. [more . . .]